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Keep your fur babies nice & cool with a shave down & bath. 

Highlights of "The Nosey Dog" Grooming & Bathing services

The Ultimate Service Centric Pet Dog  Groomng & Bathing Company of 10 Years in Business

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                                   The new leadership with a promising future ahead!!

As of May 2019, Patricia elected to retire out of the business & the current new owner is Lisa R.  She found Lisa as the ideal candidate & awarded the opportunity. Lisa is a great match for the Nosey Dog who can and will invest and sustain the flow but also to improve the growth.  The acquisition took nearly 6 months to finalize.  The new owner Lisa R and management team is now in place, with the help of Patricia, to fast track the transition training during the hand-off process.  Lisa has great ideas for the team and the company overall.  The vision is to slowly improve the existing processes, infrastructure and client experiences.  Lisa's methodology is to continue The Nosey Dog legacy, which everyone is accustomed to, while easing into future expansion, growth and opportunities.  Lisa's management team will inject "Six Sigma" into it's current environment with the end results & on-going of improved processes, career opportunities and client-centric understandings.  Lisa is looking forward to meeting all of the customers one by one and being part of the local communities.   Patricia and Lisa will continue to be in close contact throughout the transition.  We appreciate your support and patience during the ownership change.

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Professional & Dedicated Staff in One Convenient Location

 In addition to providing the best care and grooming, bathing and nail trim clippers services to your canine companions in as stress-free environment as possible, The Nosey Dog Salon is located in beautiful Flower Mound and neighboring cities of Highland Village & Lewisville and offers select dog foods and treats, dog toys and accessories, apparel and coming soon unique pet parent products and gifts.  We searched near and far to offer a collection that not only has been field tested by our own dogs, but has exceeded our expectations in terms of quality and usability. 

Convenient location for easy drop off and pick up 

Just like your hair salon, we groom by appointment only. This means your pup doesn’t stay with us for long hours, which means a happier and calmer grooming experience. Typically, a small dog will be groomed and ready for pick-up in 1.5 hours.

Sniff out our cage-free dog grooming salon, healthy dog and cat foods and treats, and cool dog accessories & apparel.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

 Whether looking for a snug place for your little pup to curl into or a comfy bed for your big dog to stretch out on, we carry all the necessities of good living for the dogs and dog-lovers in your life. Everything we sell has been worn by, slept on, chewed on, played with, or eaten up by one of our own dogs.

We strive to carry products made in the USA in support of our economy and made eco-friendly in support of our environment. Our foods and treats are made with human-grade ingredients – all guaranteed to delight your pets and pet loving friends.

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The Nosey Dog has been in business for 11 Years!

2321 Justin Road, Ste. 209 Flower Mound, TX 75028

Main Office: 972-724-0101 Fax: 469-671-5352 Questions, concerns or speak to management: Please send to Job application submission: Please send to

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To schedule a grooming appointment, please book now online or speak to a pet care specialist and we can assist with your appointment.   Thanks for your business!!

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Flower Mound, Highland Village, Double Oak, Lewisville, Corinth, Lantana, Copper Canyon, Bartonville, Argyle, Denton and surrounding areas. 

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