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meet our team of talented professionals & animal lovers!!

Welcome to The Nosey Dog Salon!! My name is Lisa and I am the new owner and acting manager. Here's a little something about my vision to contribute to future growth and success while continuing Patricia's legacy. First, I will understand the current methodologies in place, then look at the processes and make incremental changes for optimization. I plan to give our store and workplace a better workflow and new look!! I am eager to work with each of my staff members to help them flourish professionally and assist them individually to have a bright future with The Nosey Dog Salon. We have plans to expand our staff size and the possibility of occupying additional work space. My goal is to improve processes, work for and with my team to make them successful at what they do best, and expand our focus on a superior client experience. I look forward to meeting our clients and would love to hear feedback on how we can make it better. Thank you for your support & business!!


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Lisa & Patricia posing for a great picture during final acquisition deal on May 6, 2019

 Lisa & Patricia posing fora great picture opportunity during a final review & agreement of company acquisition on May 6, 2019.  They are both content with the progress and comfortable with the bright future will hold.  Lisa feels honored and Patricia will always be a part of the legacy moving forward.

Lisa acting manager of The Nosey Dog Salon leading and running the front end of the business

Lisa doing her magic with the orchestration of pet service appointments, management and optimization with the intention of client service improvements and the safety of each fur baby care during each visit!! 

A unique blend of experiences makes our team awesome!

Cindy Miller | Stylist Groomer


Groomers Bio - Pending

Meet Angela Isek | Stylist Groomer


 My name is Angela and my life revolves around dogs. I have 4 dogs and a cat at home, all titled in sports --yes, the cat too-- to whom I dedicate all my spare time. 

I've spent many years studying dog behavior and training dogs, both professionally and as a hobby. I have been trained in pet first aid, including administering CPR, as well as having personal experience with shy/timid, epileptic, senior, and deaf dogs.

I joined the Nosey Dog at the beginning of 2018 as a bather but started learning to groom shortly after. I look forward to a long career in animals and the art of grooming. 

Meet Kari Schimmel | Stylist Groomer


 Hi, my name is Kari! I've worked in the pet industry my entire working life. I first started out working at a kennel as the kennel manager, and after three years I got into the grooming industry and haven't looked back. I've now been grooming dogs for ten years and love every day of it! Being surrounded by dogs all day gives me such joy and gratitude; I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing as a career. I have a dog of my own named Dudley. He's a Bichon Frise mix, and he is definitely my fur baby. I treat every dog that I groom like they are my own! My favorite breed to groom are Maltese. I owned one for almost 14 years and have been obsessed with the breed ever since. I will continue to groom dogs for the foreseeable future - I look forward to meeting new dogs with new personalities. 

Hiring Stylist Groomer


My Long Term Career Opportunity

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Hiring - Stylist Groomer


My Long Term Career Opportunity

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Upcoming Position - Asst Stylist Groomer


My Long Term Career Opportunity

Corinne Callan | Bather


 Bathers Bio

Lydia Hermerding | Bather


New Hire.  Welcome on board!

New Position


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Upcoming Position - Pet Care Pick Up & Delivery Specialist


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Kiara Castro | Front Desk Pet Parent Specialist



Hi! My name is Kiara, I’m 20 years old and I am the receptionist here at The Nosey Dog! I went to an agricultural high school in Massachusetts where I studied the in and outs of being a veterinarian technician. I got a lot of hands on experience with a variety of animals from small rodents to livestock. I went on to work at a high end pet grooming salon in New Hampshire for 3 years as a bather. I’m currently studying to become a wildlife biologist/photographer and in my spare time I love to spend time with my handsome little pup, Pancho! 

Upcoming Position - Office Assistant


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